The ‘BheemUP’ Bed Incliner Makes Any Mattress Smarter

The ‘BheemUP’ bed incliner is an aftermarket system for transforming existing beds and mattresses into smart solutions for rest.

The system works by being positioned under a mattress and will go to work lifting it up thanks to a powerful hospital-grade motor within that’s rated for up to 600kgs of weight.

The unit has a patented lumbar support section for added comfort and can be set up for use in just 15-minutes.

The ‘BheemUP’ bed incliner can be used with the supplemental BheemSense Lite sensor mat that will track movement as well as heart rate and breath rate in a contact-free manner.

This will allow loved ones and/or caregivers to keep an eye on how the person is doing throughout the day and/or night.