The Honeywell x ‘Xupermask’ Has HEPA Filters and More

The Honeywell x ‘Xupermask’ is a collaboration face mask created to transform perceptions of essential face coverings and offer wearers a more multifunctional experience.

The face mask is paired with noise-cancelling earbuds as well as microphones, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and more.

The mask is equipped with a series of HEPA Filters that are paired with two three-speed fans to maximize breaking comfort when being worn for extended periods.

The Honeywell x ‘Xupermask maintains a secure seal on the face thanks to silicone and features a design created by costume designer Jose I. Fernandez along with a series of LEDs for enhanced style. The mask will be launched for purchase on April 8, 2021 at a price point of $299 in very limited quantities and will come with a three-month supply of HEPA Filters, a USB charger, a carrying case and earbud tips.