Solar light pipes designed to conserve energy

The solar light tubes are the greenest way to conserve electricity and is well efficient to complete all the need of a basic size house lighting system. These tubes are designed in such a way that it collects the sunlight that is focused over a single point and then it deflects that sunlight in natural or artificial way. These are also known as sun pipes, sun scopes, solar light pipes or day light pipes. These light pipes are adjustable and one can control the leakage of requirement of light in each room.

These solar tube skylights are one the finest versions in the solar tube range. This Solar tube skylight contains the raybender technology and light intercepting transfer device that provides the light at any time. This tube stores the unused light and then reflects it in time needed. This solar tube sky light comes in three different sizes and one can choose it according to the requirement and size of the place to be illuminated.

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