R4D© / Real4D© Technology changes the Movie or the TV series each time you watch it. A technology provided by POINTIMOVIE©.

R4D© / Real4D© Technology changes the Movie or the TV series each time you watch it. R4D is not a Universe as any movie, but a MULTIVERSE.
R4D provides the opportunity to live again and again the discovery of the very first time. A kind of Time travel experience in your Mind to Parallel Worlds.

R4D is a so innovative technology that it is a print as a new important chapter into the History of Cinema with the greatest innovation ever, a REVOLUTION on the same level than “Talking Movies” and “Colour” in their time…

R4D© / Real4D© is exclusively provided by PoinTIMoviE©,
selling licence to movie and TV production companies in order to produce new contents in R4D, from old movies/TV series, or for new productions.

• R4D / Real 4D technology gets its own video file format : .r4d

At the present difficult time, our technology offers a solution to the entertainment industry since movies and TV series productions companies, and even distributors, are facing a huge problem of lack of contents, yet, by the difficulties to shoot new ones.

R4D / Real4D technology gives the way to renew old contents, and so, to provide new sales without having to make new movies. And so, by working remotely or by staying in offices.

The main problem of a movie, its “life”.
Once watched, the attractive effect is almost annihilated.
People will want to watch again a movie only if they liked it very much, as cult ones.
Even for good movies, they have not always the desire, the envy to watch it again soon.
They wish to be amazed each time, like the very first time.
Because, the very first time is the best time.
The discovery. The unknown. A virgin territory for Mind !
Once the movie is watched, the story is known.
It is impossible to live again this feeling, this suspense, this excitation.
Until now.
R4D/ Real4D uses and plays with the real fourth dimension, the only one remaining in Universe, “TIME”.
Because a movie is a world, and having access to several of its possible stories, using R4D is like to explore its parallel worlds.
R4D brings back any spectator to his past, when he was watching the movie, discovering its story for the very first time, giving him a kind of personal time travel experience.

R4D modifies the story in order to give to spectators, from the second screening and the following ones, the best gift ever:
To be in the same situation than the very first time, expecting for the unknown, the discovery.

Otherwise, R4D/ Real4D technology gives a new step of difficulty to fight piracy.

You can watch our R4D demo :
4 chapters (meaning scenes for one story), so 36 versions for 1 mn movie !
• www.r4d4us.com/video/18

Our trailer :
• www.r4d4us.com/video/348

Otherwise, anyone can make his own R4D videos on our video website www.R4D4US.com
Coming next : R4D-OnDemand.

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