Eco Package

This Double Beer Carrier is Resourceful in Both Material and Function.

Those with low alcohol tolerances will be particularly drawn to this concept of a double beer carrier. When all that you want is to bring one bottle each to a buddy’s house, this portable sleeve would keep you from buying a six-pack unnecessarily. Made from durable brown card paper, the basic tote wraps around just two vessels, holding them together securely and providing you with a handy two-finger handle.

Jean-Michel Mercier was thinking about more than thirst and ergonomics when he came up with the Duo Beer Carrier: he was considering the impact of his packaging design on the environment. This sensitivity influenced the decision to leave the glass bottles without labels or ink, and to simply create a paper holder that could be recycled easily, along with the containers. Furthermore, while you’re drinking your dark or light drink, you can also divide the two-slot sleeve into a pair of coasters.

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