Samsung Electro-Mechanics develops top performing MLCC

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed a new multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) that is ultra-small and has high capacity, targeting the high-priced IT device market.

An MLCC is a core component of electronic devices, controlling the stable flow of current within electric circuits in smartphones and home appliances. With more cars adopting electronics equipment, MLCCs are also increasingly used in cars.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics said it developed the industry’s first 0402-size MLCC ― 0.4 millimeters in length and 0.2 millimeters in width ― with 1.9 microfarad capacity and 6.3 voltage. As each IT gadget requires more than 1,000 MLCCs, how small a MLCC can be made shows competitiveness.

“The 0402 size is an ultra-small product that is dramatically increasing in demand within the market recently. With more phones using 5G networks and other various features such as multi-camera, ultra-small MLCCs that can withstand high capacity and voltage are essential. However, existing 0402 products are only 4-voltage grade, which means they are limited in terms of application to IT devices,” the company elaborated.

The company further mentioned the new product’s enhanced stability in terms of its lifespan and operation that boast leading industry standards in terms of DC BIAS characteristics.

Given that smaller is better in the MLCC industry as each IT gadget requires more than 1,000 MLCCs, Samsung Electro-Mechanics said the new product proved its competitiveness in the industry. Japan’s Murata Manufacturing took around a 30 percent share in the global market last year, followed by Samsung with about 23 percent.

During a meeting with shareholders last month, the Korean manufacturer’s CEO Kyung Kye-hyun said the company will take the largest share in MLCCs for IT devices within five years.