Ostritchpillow’s Phone Cases Make Peace and Quiet Possible

With so much of daily life dependent on digital connection in today’s world, Ostritchpillow empowers consumers to disconnect through its Digital Detox Phone Case. Following the recent trend of tech detoxes, the phone case serves the dual function of blocking any incoming phone signal and notifications, while keeping the device out of the user’s sight to discourage distraction.

These functions are designed to promote peace and foster wellness within the user, all while housing and protecting the user’s device in a cozy, minimalist case.

The sleek, zippered pouch is fabricated primarily with cotton and copper-nickel polyester to reflect RFID signals and can fit phones up to the size of the iPhone 12 Plus.

As with all of Ostritchpillow’s products, the phone case is carbon-neutral. Online preorder is available starting April 14th.