Airo Cars Do Double Duty as Vehicles and Living Spaces

Aiming to take on the problem of automotive emissions contributing to climate change, Heatherwick Studio designs the Airo car.

It’s an electric vehicle that has advanced air-filtration technology combined with a luxurious live-in interior.

Made for IM Motors, the Airo car is designed with integrated HEPA filters that purify the outside air as it operates, targeting fossil fuel emissions. The electric vehicle has both manual and self-driving modes–an innovative step for consumer-operated vehicles.

The interior of the Airo car is fashioned for function and comfort. The modular space features a fold-out table, cozy chairs, and cutting-edge window-tinting technology that allows for enhanced privacy on demand.

The chairs also fold into a mattressed sleeping space that is the approximate size of a double bed. The Airo car is slated for release in 2023.