BIG’s O-tower Brings a Next-Level Futuristic Look

Danish architecture firm BIG releases futuristic-looking designs for the O-Tower, which highlight energy-saving and wellness-oriented features.

The O-tower, commissioned by OPPO, China’s largest smartphone company, is built to provide a point of seamless connection origination from OPPO’s own product design philosophy in smartphone technology.

The eye-shaped skyscraper uses its highly original infinity-loop format to cut down on energy costs and boost mood by inviting natural light at every level.

To achieve this, the angled window paneling harbors an adaptive design that filters and reflects light, reducing glare and preventing overheating.

The O-Tower will be both a public attraction as well as a private workspace.

The tower is nested between a natural lake and sprawling parkland, which further augments its harmonious form. When finished, the O-tower will serve as OPPO’s R&D headquarters in Huangzhou’s Future Sci-Tech City.