The Hitoki Trident’s High-Tech Laser Beats Out Unhealthy Butane Lighters

The Hitoki Trident, the flagship product of the Hitoki brand, is a high-tech electric bong that uses a laser in the combustion process instead of a lighter.

With its smooth, modern design, the bong offers consumers a clean smoking experience that prioritizes purity and quality by cutting out artificially introduced chemicals like butane.

The Hitoki Trident comes packed with cutting-edge features such as automatic water filtration, multiple power settings, an LED battery indicator, and safety interlocks that elevate the bong from typical smoking paraphernalia.

It powers the laser through a USB-charging cable that delivers over 280 uses in a 1.75-hour charge. The advanced-looking device comes with everything needed to smoke anything loose-leaf, including an herbal shredder.