Fold it twice: Samsung unveils double-bending panel for smartphones

Samsung Electronics has developed an OLED panel that folds into three segments, looking to deploy the technology for future smartphones.

Measuring 7.2 inches fully unfolded, the prototype is being unveiled in an online expo hosted in the U.S.. The company is also scheduled to show off a slidable display there.

Samsung Display, which developed the double-folding organic light-emitting diode panel, hopes to get the display adopted by many smartphone brands in addition to Samsung.

The Samsung group, leveraging its strength in in-house development, was among the first to launch a foldable smartphone back in 2019. With the new display, it looks to establish an entirely new concept amid smartphone designs that have been more or less uniform.

The slidable display resembles the rollable phone revealed by fellow South Korean company LG Electronics in January, months before LG said it would exit the mobile phone business. Samsung plans to entice more customers by developing a wide array of next-generation panels.