Italian Soilless Strawberry Crops

The multiple advantages of having soilless strawberry crops are quickly becoming common knowledge in Italy, as more companies adopt the technology for the sake of efficiency.

Soilless systems are set up with three adjustable eave rows, positioned so that the strawberry plants are never shaded.

While soilless produce production is not uncommon, this three-tier method is a relatively rare and new growing method.

The benefit is an increase in productivity levels, meaning a longer and more bountiful strawberry harvest time period. Producer Vincenzo Pati spoke to the draws of the system, stating “Even in years such as this one, characterized by temperature ranges and cold fronts, I manage to harvest strawberries every day, keeping pathogen pressure to the minimum and with easier harvesting operations.”

By tripling the number of plants, this grow method also reduces agronomic interventions to provide ample strawberries to the Italian population.