The Forestias Neighborhood

Fosters + Partners, a British architecture company, released the design of The Forestias, a multigenerational neighborhood infused by Thai tradition.

The neighborhood, which will be built in Bangkok, will feature a large swathe of forest to maintain a level of connection to the natural environment and passively benefit residents’ wellness.

The Forestias will also play host to other popup green spaces, including The Forest Pavilion, an exhibition center with an elevated trail through the trees.

The Forestias will be made up of two sections that separate the residential and commercial aspects. The residential section will have standard houses, high-rise condos, retirement homes, and co-living dwellings made for multi-generational families.

The commercial block will have corporate offices, shopping spaces, and public facilities as well as cultural and entertainment buildings.

The Forestias will be an eco-friendly smart city that represents the best of old and new ideas.