The Puraclenz Air Purifier

With the impending post-pandemic return to office life, Puraclenz launched its line of next-generation Puraclenz Air Purifiers to provide proactive air cleansing.

The ozone-free air purifiers use PCO technology to trap and destroy airborne bacteria with concentrated UV light.

This technology is highly effective against everything from viruses and bacteria to allergens and mold spores.

The Puraclenz Air Purifiers have a plug-and-play design that makes them easy to install and move around. The purifiers’ Pre-Filters can last for up to a year given continuous use.

The Puraclenz Air Purifiers are offered in three models: the P3000 for 3,000 square foot spaces, the P1500 for 1,500 square foot spaces, and the P500 for 500 square foot spaces.

These options offer commercial customers enough variability to provide full coverage to their offices and businesses.

The Puraclenz Air Purifiers keep the air clean so customers and employees alike can feel safe in their environment.