The Pocket Piano

The Pocket Piano, designed by Josep Bergadà alongside piano dealer Jorquera Pianos and the Eurecat Technology Centre, is a portable full-size piano that assembles through a magnetic locking system.

The instrument is made up of eight high-quality piano segments, each containing an octave, and includes two foot pedals for sound modulation.

The Pocket Piano can be easily put together and taken apart with its innovative magnetic snap system.

The Pocket Piano projects its audio through connection to any Bluetooth-enabled speaker. The audio can also be routed through music apps like GarageBand or MainStage for an accessible creative process.

The piano’s internal batteries last for four hours, making the instrument ideal for travelers, musicians, and on-the-go consumers.

The Pocket Piano’s small casing means it can be packed up in a backpack, bag, or suitcase for effective transportability.