The DJI FPV X Facilitates Filmmaking

Path Kashikar and DAAPworks put together the DJI FPV X camera dolly to facilitate the filmmaking process.

The DJI FPV X is an RC camera car concept that enhances the ease of use and equipment safety.

This camera dolly, unlike its counterparts, has a large platform which consequentially lowers the robotic camera’s center of gravity and reduces the risk of rollovers during the filming process.

Moreover, the filmmaker controls the camera in a 3D space, similar to that which controls the DJI VR headset.

The camera itself is stabilized at the robotic pivot point to eliminate the risk of shakiness. To make repairs more convenient, the RC camera vehicle boasts modular parts for easy replacement.

By removing much of the manual work in filmmaking, the director’s creativity can flow uninterrupted.