The Wind Tulip Makes Wind Energy Accessible

Flower Turbines, an eco-focused alternative energy company, offers the Wind Tulip, a curvaceous, tulip-shaped wind turbine that is designed to minimize the impact of wind technology on humans and the environment.

The energy company takes an eco-art approach to wind energy, structuring the body of the Wind Tulip around an eye-catching, attractive silhouette. The turbine’s design is eminently functional allowing it to generate renewable energy at a high rate of efficiency–even in cities.

The Wind Tulip’s diminutive size compared to standard turbines allows it to maintain a low profile in urban environments. The specialized construction enables the turbine to remain silent to human ears, addressing one of the main concerns with wind turbines at large.

The Wind Tulip’s highly visible body and lack of long blades make the turbine bird-friendly. The Wind Tulip is already utilized around the world with installations in Amsterdam, Germany, Colombia, and more.