New Home Security Camera Concept

Many smart security solutions within the home aim to promise enhanced peace of mind but often bring up concerns surrounding personal privacy, so this Home Security Camera concept is intended to help calm concerns.

The security camera is characterized by its adjustable functionality that will allow the camera lens to be hidden away with a simple gesture to alleviate user concerns that they are being recorded at all times.

This will allow users to toggle it on and off at their leisure to enjoy peace of mind that they aren’t being recorded when they are home.

The Home Security Camera concept is the design work of Adam Shen who spoke on the product further saying, “Most products on the market do not pay attention to the design of the camera itself, with hidden functions only slightly covering the lens.

Users cannot know whether the camera is in use except the indicator light. By hiding the camera lens inside, the camera shows visual feedback when it is not in use to let the user quickly know whether the camera is monitoring.”