The NightWatch Dock

The NightWatch dock is an innovative, low-tech solution for enhancing the alarm clock capabilities of an Apple Watch.

The dock uses a simple touch-sensitive magnifying glass to make the Apple Watch’s display easier to read and interact with while in NightStand mode.

This enables the NightWatch dock to replace traditional alarm clocks while providing an overnight charge for the consumer’s smartwatch through the accessible magnetic charging port.

The gadget also features enhanced acoustics through its built-in sound channels.

The NightWatch dock is made with high-quality materials. The magnifying glass is carved out of a single piece of lucite that is hand polished to be smooth to the touch.

The lucite material allows the user to effortlessly activate the tap-to-wake feature of the Apple Watch. The NightWatch dock work for all series of Apple Watches.

The dock is available for preorder on the NightWatch website.