The Upgraded NIXOID NEXT Pays Homage to Its Nixie Tubes Roots

The NIXOID NEXT is the follow-up watch design to the NIXOID VFD Watch, which debuted in 2018 as an homage to the Nixie tube.

The wristwatch boasts a steampunk design and a nixie-inspired dial. In addition, the upgraded watch is slimmer, more durable, and more efficient than its first iteration.

Fitted with the rare Nixie VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) lamps, the NIXOID NEXT features an extended battery life, an accelerometer that lights up the VFD tubes when tilted upwards, and the world’s first dual-core mechanism. In addition, a magnetic charging feature allows users to recharge the retrofuturistic timepiece.

The discarded tubes used for the watch were discovered in a warehouse and date back to the days of the USSR, making the timepiece a historic limited-edition collectible.