XYZ Reality’s HoloSite Tool Uses AR to Optimize Construction

XYZ Reality, a development-focused tech company, offers a solution for optimizing construction in the form of the HoloSite tool.

Currently, the construction industry has major problems with exceeding budgets and facing delays, and that’s where the HoloSite tool steps in.

The tool is designed to catch and cut down on errors in construction by using augmented reality (AR) to assist contractors every step of the way.

For example, by wearing AR-capable headgear, contractors can use the HoloSite tool to see a building’s projected visual layout with millimeter accuracy in real-time.

The tool has the potential to revolutionize how construction is planned and completed. Using the HoloSite tool’s cutting-edge technology, humans and artificial intelligence can work together to ensure construction is executed the first time correctly. XYZ Reality recently secured major funding from Octopus Ventures to expand its HoloSite tool into the US.