The Airluna Lamp

The Airluna lamp is a dual-purpose solution for the modern interior that would work to enhance style, while also providing illumination and even air purification technology in an all-in-one manner.

The light makes use of Plasma Assisted Catalytic Oxidation (PACO) technology in order to break down and eradicate dangerous pathogens that are commonly found in indoor areas.

This process turns the pollutants into harmless compounds instead of creating exhaust, while the PACO filters are reported to last up to 20-times longer than traditional air purifier filters.

The Airluna lamp continuously monitors the air in a space to alert the user if purification is required or if a filter change is necessary.

The lamp is the winner of the Gold iF Design Award 2021 and will be available in ceiling-mounted as well as floor-standing models.