Honda releases hybrid model of Odyssey minivan

Honda Motor Co Ltd has released a hybrid model of its Odyssey (and Odyssey Absolute) minivan and a gasoline-powered model developed by partially remodeling the existing model of the vehicle.

The hybrid model is Honda’s first high-grade minivan equipped with the company’s i-MMD two-motor hybrid mechanism. One of its features is its high fuel efficiency of 24.4-26.0km/L (approx 57.4-61.2mpg, depending on models) under the JC08 test mode.

According to Honda, the Odyssey and the Odyssey Absolute compete with Toyota Motor Corp’s Alphard, Vellfire and Estima minivans and Nissan Motor Co Ltd’s Elgrand minivan. The fuel efficiencies of the hybrid models of the Alphard, Vellfire and Estima are 19.4, 19.4 and 18.0km/L, respectively. And the efficiencies of Toyota’s Noah and Voxy minivans, whose grades are slightly lower than those of the three vehicles, are both 23.8km/L, which is lower than the fuel efficiency of the hybrid model of the Odyssey.

Among cars manufactured by Honda, the Accord Hybrid sedan is equipped with the i-MMD. For the hybrid model of the Odyssey, the company reduced the sizes and weights of main components such as the motor for the i-MMD, PCU (power control unit) and battery. In addition, the output and torque of the motor were increased.

On the other hand, for the partially-remodeled gasoline model, Honda employed a large-size armrest and an air-conditioner using Sharp Corp’s Plasmacluster technology to improve the attractiveness of the car. Also, the “Honda Sensing” safe driving support system is available to all the grades as an option (standard feature for the Odyssey Absolute).

The engine of the hybrid model is a 2.0L in-line four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine with a maximum output of 107kW/6,200rpm and a maximum torque of 175N·m/4,000rpm. On the other hand, its motor is an IPM (interior permanent magnet)-type three-phase alternating-current motor with a maximum output of 135kW/5,000-6,000rpm and a maximum torque of 315N·m/0-2,000rpm. The battery of the hybrid model is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.3kWh.

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