The Vanderhall ‘Brawley’ Offers 404 Horsepower

The Vanderhall ‘Brawley’ off-road electric vehicle is a powerful transportation solution created by the brand to offer drivers with all the power they need to easily tackle their choice of terrain.

The vehicle comes as the brand’s second electric model and is paired with a 60kWh battery that’s rated to offer up to 200-miles of driving on a single charge. Drivers can take advantage of four individually controlled electric motors that are rated to deliver 404 horsepower along with 480lbs-ft of torque.

The Vanderhall ‘Brawley’ off-road electric vehicle is paired with 18-inch rims and 35-inch all-terrain tires that are capable of easily handling any kind of terrain the driver might encounter. The vehicle is focused on comfort within the cabin with sealed and filtered heating and air conditioning, leather race seats, a Bluetooth-connected sound system and more.