Robomart Brings Goods to Consumers When Prompted via an App

The Robomart self-driving retail vehicle has come to fruition from the California-based company after a successful pilot project in West Hollywood and will provide consumers with the ability to enjoy a retail experience right at their front door.

The service works by having customers prompt the vehicle to visit their home via the Robomart app, which will have it arrive in 10-minutes or less. Upon arrival, shoppers can pick and choose whatever they’d like from the vehicle’s selection without ever having to visit a physical retail storefront or get in their own car to drive anywhere.

The Robomart self-driving retail vehicle service was explained further by Co-Founder Ali Ahmed who said, “We’re incredibly excited to launch Robomart in West Hollywood and introduce consumers to the latest innovation in retail.

In the past decade, online delivery services have grown substantially and filled a need in the market; however, there are still many challenges that make these services undesirable for consumers.

With Robomart, we’re disrupting the industry and have received incredible feedback from consumers on how this is the most convenient way to shop — delivering the fastest and most seamless shopping experience — which other delivery services simply can’t offer.”