The Conceptual GAC-2030-U-Journey by Ray Lyu

The conceptual GAC-2030-U-journey autonomous vehicle has been designed by Ray Lyu as a car that is imagined for the not so distant future for drivers to envision on the roadways.

The vehicle is conceptualized with the year 2030 in mind and maintains a self-driving functionality that would enable passengers to relax during the trip and enjoy the luxurious amenities in the cabin.

This includes a lounge-like area that comes complete with a dedicated desktop area for working as during the ride to make it well-suited for long-haul trips.

The conceptual GAC-2030-U-journey autonomous vehicle imagines the near-future of what driving could look like and how the passenger experience will be able to be much different from how it is today when the need to get behind the wheel is eliminated.