This Zero-Waste Kitchen Design is Efficient and Durable

This zero-waste kitchen design has been designed by Ivana Steiner as a new approach to living space design that would work to enhance efficiency without losing sight of the environment.

The kitchen is achieved using recycled stainless steel for enhanced rigidity and boasts dedicated sections for fruit baskets, glass storage containers, a worm box, linen bags and more in order to keep everything in one area.

The kitchen is also equipped with a vertical herb garden to ensure fresh ingredients are always on hand to further eliminate the need to head to the grocery store for small items.

The zero-waste kitchen design was explained further by Steiner who said, “Zero Waste does not hope that politics and business will tell you how and when you will implement your environmental measures and goals, but rather that each of us can actively contribute to climate protection through a resource-saving lifestyle.

Zero waste not only includes avoiding waste but also how we deal with nutrition and cooking. If we concentrate on fewer, regional foods without packaging, we can actually implement changes in our immediate surroundings.”