Wearable 3D-Printed Art Pieces

People have tried creating full 3D-printed wearables but one artist, Neekta Torabian, decided to mix mediums. Fusing (both physically and conceptually) fabric and 3D printing.

Her piece entitled, ‘Before You Fly Off’ evokes double meaning as a goodbye to fellow graduates and her friend Zeynab Asadi-Lari who passed away on January 8, 2020, due to a Ukrainian airliner crash in Iran, killing 176 people.

Each pattern was designed by a different member of the New Media program showing the imprint and impact of the people we meet.

Her descriptions of the piece, “The vest hugs and protects its carrier. Different colors are placed beside each other forming a community that is diverse and stable.

The vest is a reflection of the New Media’s core strength; its community.” This takes wearing your heart on your sleeve to a whole other level.