This Charging Station Sits Flush With the Pavement When Not In Use

A Scottish company by name Trojan Energy has launched a truly innovative and high-tech EV charging system that is designed to provide drivers of electric vehicles with the convenience of on-the-go charging capability without interfering with pedestrians’ space on the pavement.

Developed as part of a collaboration with Innovate UK and with funding assistance from the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles, this particular EV charging system is designed to sit flush with the pavement when not in use.

When a driver needs to charge their vehicle, they can simply plug in their cable and juice up their vehicle. Under the current iteration of the system, as many as 15 connectors can be coupled with a power module that is hooked up to the grid.

With the ability to provide an array of charging options such as 7 kilo-watt and 22 kilo-watt rates as well as low-cost overnight charging, Trojan Energy’s EV charging system offers a much-needed solution the problem around providing EV-charging capabilities in cluttered urban environments.