The ‘BeBot’ Can Clean Up Beach Sands Without Leaving a Trace

Marine infrastructure manufacturing giant Poralu Marine has teamed up with Florida-based company 4ocean to develop a high-tech beach-cleaning robot that is designed to be able to comfortable clean up waste from the sand without causing any damage or pollution in the process.

This particular beach-cleaning robot is fully electric-powered, using a blend of battery power and solar energy in order to sift through grains of sand in search of trash.

Capable of accessing depths of up to 10 centimeters in the sand, the ‘BeBot’ uses a special screen to gather even the tiniest pieces of plastic as well as other junk.

The robot is capable of cleaning up to 3,000 square meters per hour, and is designed to be able to navigate tight spaces.

With its compact design, eco-friendly operation and effectiveness, this beach-cleaning robot offers promise in a wide array of applications, from city-owned beaches to private resorts and properties.