Aerofarms Teams Up With Nokia Bell Labs to Develop New Ag Tech

Vertical farming company AeroFarms has partnered with Nokia Bell Labs to develop a range of new technologies aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of indoor farming. More specifically, the two companies come together in hopes to build a farming environment where external factors such as temperature and humidity can be fully controlled.

In addition, the project seeks to add new levels of automation to AeroFarm’s process, which is why Nokia will be contributing its proprietary autonomous drone technology and orchestration systems to the partnership. The idea is that Nokia drones, which will be equipped with AI-powered imaging technology, will fly over the crops analyzing their health, plant-by-plant.

According to AeroFarm, Nokia’s drone and machine vision technology will be able to go far beyond what the human eye is capable of. It will be able to identify details about a plant including “leaf size, stem length, coloration, curvature, spotting, and tearing,” and do so instantaneously.