Eko Releases the ‘Eko DUO’ For Personalized Cardiac Assessment

Eko, a cardiopulmonary digital health company, has released the ‘Eko DUO,’ a cardiac assessment device that works as both a digital stethoscope and an electrocardiogram (ECG).

The FDA-approved tool is designed to detect early signs of heart disease while providing clinicians with an easy-to-use device for custom disease management.

This all-in-one solution to cardiac management comes in the form of a pocket-sized tool that is connected to digital software capable of capturing, transmitting, and analyzing electromechanical cardiac data on the fly.

In addition, the ‘Eko Duo’ was built with mobility in mind, which is why the model is completely wireless, allowing for listening and recording in both clinical and non-clinical environments.

Equipped with the latest AI-powered health technology, the ‘Eko DUO’ should prove to be a revolutionary device for cardiopulmonary specialists across the nation.