The Conceptual ‘KANO-XP’ Has an All-in-One Design

The conceptual ‘KANO-XP’ is a multifunctional technology product that’s focused on an all-in-one design to help offer avid makers and gamers alike with a holistic way to approach their choice of pastimes.

The device is designed with teenagers in mind and features an interchangeable control panel that would enable users to swap out components for different ones.

This includes a gaming control unit, another with a series of piano keys, another with a MIDI button layout for music production and more.

The conceptual ‘KANO-XP’ is the design work of Cameron Bensimon who explained the ethos of the device saying, “The modularity makes it a perfect tool for DJs as a soundboard or a synthesizer, or it could be the brains of a robot for a high school project.”