The ‘Bird Bike’

Bird, an American e-bike share company, has announced its first electric bike for individual ownership appropriately dubbed the ‘Bird Bike.’ Previously, Bird had only been producing e-bikes intended to be shared via its mobile bike-share platform.

Built with a sleek modern design, two large wheels, handlebar brakes, and powered by a 36v battery and ‘Befang’ eclectic motor, the powerful new e-bike adheres to the company’s same eco-friendly mission statement.

According to the company, the bike can reach a maximum e-assist speed of 20 miles per hour while delivering a 50-mile range. In addition, the bike comes equipped ‘Radius Cx7″ disc braking, an LCD screen, ergonomic seat design, and a commercial-grade aluminum alloy frame.

One of the bike’s most standout features, however, is its “chainless” ‘Gates Carbon’ drivetrain, which replaces tradition chain systems that tend to breakdown and rust over time.