Bosch eBike Launches New Cycling Product with Dedicated Biking App

Bosch eBike, a company specializing in electric bicycle technologies and products, has announced the launch of a new smart system that can be attached to a range of bikes and scooters providing their riders with a variety of exciting high-performance features.

The new system comes with a ‘PowerTube750’ battery equipped with 750Wh, making it the largest capacity battery offered by the brand yet.

In addition, the smart system will also provide users with a brand new LED display called the ‘Kiox 300,’ which is designed to sit above the stem. It will highlight various fitness metrics for riders, such as current speed, time ridden, distance ridden, and more.

Lastly, the entire system is connected to the ‘Flow App,’ a new platform where users can control and manage their bike rides, tweaking levels according to their preferences.