Hyundai Mobis to integrate e-powertrain system in EV chassis

Hyundai Mobis will integrate its e-powertrain technology in its key vehicle components to better differentiate and target the rising electric vehicle (EV) market. The company also plans to strengthen its overseas sales force.

Axel Maschka, executive VP and head of global OE sales at Hyundai Mobis, unveiled the medium- to long-term global sales goals under the theme “Mobility Move” during a media presentation at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Germany, Sunday.

The company aims to enhance its modules and key components, especially in the skateboard chassis business.

A skateboard chassis is a type of configuration for an automotive chassis, an automotive platform that is used for EVs to reduce cost and complexity by integrating electronics, motors, batteries and driving components.

The company plans to further integrate the e-powertrain system into the skateboard chassis, which will increase flexibility and better meet global car manufacturers’ requests and tastes.

Integrating key components in the chassis frame platform will help the company advance in the EV market, the company explained.

Global car manufacturers will have more options to develop diverse purpose-built vehicle (PBV) EVs with the platform.

Currently, Hyundai Mobis holds an entire component portfolio for into EVs including power system, battery system and fuel cell system.

Last year, Hyundai Mobis supplied its e-powertrains to over 500,000 vehicles. Ever since the company vowed to enter the EV key component market in 2009, it has supplied over 2 million e-powertrains.

The company also seeks to strengthen its global sales operations, providing customized support depending on the local market. It plans to establish four global footholds starting in Europe, the U.S., China and India and plans to expand into other countries including Japan.

Hyundai aims to provide differentiated services for its clients, managing and swiftly responding to clients’ needs in real time including in design, production and quality management. To better fulfill their needs, the company has been hiring local experts to be exclusively in charge of the clients. The company plans to hire a total of 20 experts by 2023, who will have the final call on local issues to enable prompt customer response.

“As a visionary manufacturer of electrified components, we are expanding to deliver future technologies for connected and autonomous driving,” Maschka said. “From Korea to the European and global automakers, Mobis will extend close relationships with them as a strong EV partner.”