The Komeet X9 Luxury E-Scooter Offers 62-Miles of Range

The electric scooter is poised to become even more popularity with urban consumers in the near future, which is being supported with new models like the Komeet X9 luxury e-scooter.

The scooter is designed with style and functionality in mind to provide riders with the ability to seamlessly glide between locations at a top speed of 25mph.

The unit comes with either a 500W or 550W motor that can climb 25-degree or 30-degree uphill inclines, respectively.

The Komeet X9 luxury e-scooter is rated to deliver up 62-miles of range per charge and can be recharged in around five-hours.

This positions the electric scooter as being ideal for professionals by enabling them to power up the unit at the office to have it ready for their ride home in the evening.