RED Unveils Its Most Powerful Film Camera Yet

RED Digital Camera, an American brand specializing in digital cinematography cameras, has launched the ‘V-Raptor ST,’ a powerful cinema camera boasting a long list of exciting new features and notable specs.

RED is a company known for producing top-of-line film cameras with unique modular constructions, exceptional imaging, and superior slow-motion capabilities.

With the release of the ‘V-Raptor ST,’ the brand has only cemented this high reputation. This compact camera comes equipped with a powerful 35.4MP sensor that allows for 8k recording and up to 600fps at 2k.

In addition, it offers users a pair of 4k 12G-SDI outputs, XLR audio, and the option for 1080p live streaming.

Weighing in at only four pounds, this highly portable, cinema-grade camera is sure to become a sought-after item for cinematographers, filmmakers, and commercial production houses around the world.