Scent-Enabled VR Therapy

Health and wellness company Ketamine One has partnered with OVR Technology, a company specializing in therapeutic virtual reality solutions.

The partnership will see Ketamine One offer OVR Technology’s ‘INHALE Wellness Platform’ to its patients.

The ‘INHALE Wellness Platform’ is an olfactory-enabled VR platform that combines technologies to allow patients to virtually experience scents.

The idea is that triggering scents during VR experiences will stimulate patients’ memories, providing a useful tool for clinicians’ conducting cognitive and behavioral therapy practices. In addition, the technology can deepen immersion in VR experiences while promoting relaxation, assisting with stress management.

“Optimizing the therapeutic setting is one of the main goals of our VR-based research and development program and being able to utilize the sense of smell to help patients relax, reduce tension and lower stress is expected to result in the development of a comprehensive treatment,” said the Chair of Ketamine One’s Clinic Innovation Council, Dr. Quang Henderson.