The ‘Smacircle’ Electric Kick Scooter

The urban commuting experience is only becoming more complex given rising city populations, so the conceptual ‘Smacircle’ electric kick scooter has been designed by Rice Mak as a potential solution for citizens.

The scooter is poised as a last-mile commuting solution that would provide riders the ability to quickly head for the street immediately after emerging from a nearby subway station.

The collapsible design of the scooter would provide riders with a unit that can be easily carried when not in use.

The conceptual ‘Smacircle’ electric kick scooter is outfitted with a digital display that will provide access to pertinent info regarding battery level and more, while integrated shock absorbers further increase riding comfort on city streets.

The micromobility solution identifies what can be done to make compact, personal transportation solutions more applicable for urban riders.