The ‘Emirates VR Experience’ Lets Users Explore Real Plane Cabins

Dubai-based international airline Emirates has announced the launch of ‘Emirates VR Experience,’ a new virtual reality app that allows customers to explore the airline’s ‘Gamechanger First Class Suites’ and check out its signature ‘A380 Onboard Lounge.’

An innovative marketing tool, the launch of the new app makes Emirates the first-ever airline to utilize Oculus VR technology for promotional purposes.

The immersive experience intends to provide customers with an entertaining opportunity to learn more about Emirates’ luxury offerings.

In addition, users will be able to navigate through Economy, Business, and First Class cabins, checking out their seats before purchasing them.

‘Emirates VR Experience,’ was created in partnership with Renacen, a UX company specializing in 3D flying experiences. The new app will be available for free on the Oculus store for all Oculus Rift headset users.