The Lucid Air Tops Tesla with a 520-Mile EPA-Rated Range

The newly Launched Lucid ‘Air Dream Edition’ electric car has received an Environmental Protection Agency-rated range of 520 miles, surpassing Tesla’s leading EV by over 100 miles. What this means is that Lucid Motors — a lesser-known American electric vehicle manufacturer — is officially offering customers the longest-range EV on the market.

Contributing to the Lucid ‘Air Dream Edition’s impressive range is the vehicle’s carefully crafted aerodynamic design and its powerful 113kWh battery pack.

Other features of the high-end electric car include a glass canopy roof, ‘DreamDrive’ driver assistance, a 21-speaker ‘Surreal Sound’ system, and a sleek, futuristic design.

If customers decided to opt for larger 21″ wheels, the EPA-rated range drops slightly, to a still impressive 461 miles. Meanwhile, the ‘Performance’ model achieves a range of 451-474 miles.