The Epson 880X Projector

The ongoing pandemic has shifted work habits drastically over the past many months and has subsequently augmented. the needs of today’s professionals, which is being targeted with products like the Epson 880X projector.

The projector is focused on being great for both office and home use thanks to its portable construction that is perfect for hybrid spaces where mobility is a must.

The unit projects images in an immersive manner up to 300-inches in size, while the 3LCD projection technology supports 100% of the RGB color gamut and offers an output of 3,300 lumens of brightness.

The Epson 880X projector was explained further by Kenny Tang from Epson America who said, “As the dynamics of work environments continue to shift, it’s important that business professionals have the proper tools to set them up for success in any space.

The demand for bigger displays has continued throughout the pandemic for both business and home entertainment.

The 880X smart projector is ideal for video conferencing and presentations with the added versatility to transform spaces into entertainment hubs.”