The ‘IrisVision Inspire’ is a Solution for the Visually Impaired

IrisVision, a health tech company specializing in vision loss solutions, has released the ‘IrisVision Inspire,’ a lightweight eyewear device that employs software lens technology capable of temporarily restoring users’ functional vision.

The device presents a simple and intuitive design and comes equipped with WiFi connectivity, voice control options, instant autofocus, and up to 14X magnification. Unlike its predecessor, the ‘IrisVision 3.5,’ this unit does not need to be connected to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. In addition, the device comes with a detachable eye guard that can be used to completely block out light if needed.

Weighing in at just 172 grams, the ‘IrisVision Inspire’ is an incredibly lightweight and comfortable vision aid device that will likely be a preferable solution for the visually impaired.