This Lime Green Paint Saves Energy by Reflecting Heat

Toyota now offers a lime green paint color that can help save energy and lives. Although bright cars are easier to see at night, many drivers still prefer vehicles in darker hues. This car comes in an alternative finish that is not only more visible to pedestrians, but also helps to save energy.

Toyota’s Thermo-Tect paint is a lime green color that is easy for pedestrians see both at night and during the day. In addition, the lime green paint contains reflective titanium oxide particles that do not contain carbon black. This is important because carbon black is a common paint ingredient that is known for absorbing heat. Without carbon black present, the green paint is able to reflect heat much more effectively. In fact, the lime green paint alone can improve heat control by up to 5 degrees Celsius.

Toyota’s Thermo-Tect paint demonstrates that companies are making great strides in improving the safety and efficiency of new vehicles with modern tweaks.

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