The Latest Tile Trackers are Focused on Holistic Implementation

The latest Tile Trackers have been announced by the brand to help provide consumers with a range of tracking solutions that are perfect for being implemented into every aspect of their daily life for a holistic experience.

The trackers come in the form of the Tile Pro, the Tile Mate, the Tile Slim and the Tile Sticker, which are each focused on being used in different ways.

The Tile Pro implements ultra-wideband tracking technology and makes use of augmented reality (AR) to find items, while the Tile Slim can fit into a wallet, the Tile Mate is great for small items or dog collars and the Tile Sticker works well on small items like remotes.

The latest Tile Trackers are each finished with a QR code on the back for users to scan if found to get it back to its rightful owner.