‘BODi’ is an Immersive Live Group Workout Service

The Beachbody Company has announced the launch of ‘BODi’ (Beachbody On Demand), a premium interactive subscription service that aims to bring the energy and excitement of group fitness classes into users’ homes.

The new service will function as an additional tier for Beachbody members and utilize world-class trainers offering specialized ‘BODi’ workouts.

In addition, ‘BODi’ will use cutting-edge patent-pending technology to make the fitness experience as immersive as possible.

According to the company, the studio that classes will be streamed from is equipped with the latest broadcast technology, creating a unique stage made up of hundreds of screens.

Another feature that the platform will offer is ‘BODcast,’ a live interaction feature that allows members to opt in to appear as part of the on-screen group for each workout allowing them to see one another as they exercise.