This New Prefabricated Home Is Eco and Affordable

The London-based design company Automated Architecture Ltd. (AUAR) has revealed its latest robotically-assembled home at the 2021 Global Investment Summit (GIS).

The design consists of a modular timber building entirely built by robotics and automation. The design boasts a high-quality, sustainable, and affordable housing option that could revolutionize the housing industry. CEO of AUAR Mollie Claypool explains, “the demand for new homes is astronomical – two billion are needed in the next 80 years – yet the way we build them has not changed in hundreds of years.” AUAR’s dwelling units are robotically prefabricated by robots, which are then delivered to the specific site and built-in place by local craftspeople.

Thus creating a community-driven and efficient production process.

AUAR modular homes can be customized to fit a specific occupant’s lifestyle and living habits. It can also be reassembled for other uses – making this new design sustainable and functional for long-term use.