Hybrid Gamified Fitness Bikes Are Here To Stay

A new gamified, indoor exercise bike called ‘Capti’ has entered the at-home fitness market boasting a hybrid design and unique patent-pending Smart Ride™ technology.

Differing from other fitness bikes, such as the popular Peloton, ‘Capti’ was designed to deliver two bikes in one.

As a result, the unit can be transformed from a studio bike with locked handlebars and fixed pedals to a road bike with terrain adaptive resistance and dynamic steering.

When in road bike mode, users can expect a riding experience that closely simulates actual outdoor biking.

This is thanks to Capti’s use of ‘Terrain Adaptive Resistance,’ a unique technology that causes the bike to interact with the virtual environment users ride through.

Moreover, the bike’s smart features react to a user’s ride 50 times per second, adjusting the ride elements accordingly to produce an immersive experience.