Facebook Shifts from Social Media to ‘Metaverse’

Facebook is attempting to build the Facebook Metaverse, a virtual reality world for work, play, and social interaction.

Facebook will be changing its name to represent the Facebook Metaverse, but the new name is not yet revealed.

The Facebook Metaverse will allow people to interact in a virtual environment through Oculus rift in VR and through other traditional devices in AR.

The Facebook Metaverse’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, began this project by purchasing Oculus in 2014 and believes the Facebook Metaverse will not be complete for years to come.

The venture for the Facebook Metaverse is not cheap and will not be profitable until it is a significant element of internet life. The Facebook Metaverse will remove physical barriers to daily life such as commuting to work for meetings or traveling the world for events.

The Facebook Metaverse is expected to be the successor to the mobile internet, adding a new dimension to current internet activities. Instead of just watching a video or looking at a project, the Facebook Metaverse fully immerses you in the digital world.

The Facebook Metaverse will not be entirely owned by Facebook, it will be open-source, allowing many companies to add business or game elements to the Facebook Metaverse. Facebook’s growth from ad revenue has been slowing down, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg realizes that innovation is the future. This innovation is the Facebook Metaverse, which will become the new normal, removing the need for applications like Zoom.

Facebook is a massive, $915 billion dollar company with over 2.5 billion users. The Facebook Metaverse currently exists in an early stage known as Facebook Horizon, which is gaining more users and investors rapidly.

Facebook is definitely suited to develop the Facebook Metaverse as they have all of the required pieces. The dream of the Facebook Metaverse becomes more of a reality each month, and it’s clear utility will make it an integral part of society when it arrives.

Digital innovation is the future, and the Facebook Metaverse is the ideal realization of this innovation for entertainment and workplace efficiency.